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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

Our denim category is STACKED!

Let's Chat Denim!

First off did you know every stylist at Willow St. tries on every single pair of denim that arrives in the stores. We know your time is valuable and want to get you in and out with the perfect fit for you body type!

2.) Lezli, owner and buyer travels all over from NYC to LA to find the most current designers and denim trends for each and every season! 

...NO skinny jeans are not out, but cropped bootcuts are all the rage this Summer!

Last but not least let's chat about our favorite DIY! Fraying the bottoms of your jeans! 

1.) Put your jeans on and measure where you want to cut them. Mark it with some chalk or pins with a straight line. Always allow for an extra half inch because they will shrink up a bit in the wash.

2.) Make sure your scissors are super sharp.

3.) Make tiny little slits vertically

4.) Rub the ends of the denim causing friction on the cuts

Yup frayed jeans can be worn dressy too - just wear a full length wide leg with the biggest wedge you own.

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