Stylists' Summer Picks

From vacations to staycations the Willow St. stylists are all over the globe this summer! See what our stylists picked for their go-to summer essentials!


1.  Jeannette's favorite packing piece for her trip to the Carribean were her linen striped pants from Drew...perfect to wear with sandals or sneaks! 2. Shanna beats the heat with the Protect Stick and Rose Water Spray from Beautycounter! 3. Janice has a Summer full of showers so her closet is packed full of pretty, printed dresses from Parker! 4. Caroline and her crew are North Carolina bound and her nude Trove Tkees flip-flops are an absolute must-have! 5. Bre never leaves home in the summer without a fresh pedi and according to her any shade of pink is always a good choice! 6. Sam's go-to grab when she is running from the beach to the bar are her makeup, no problem! 7. Vanessa will be jet setting to the Phillipines in style with her favorite straw hat from Hat Attack!


8. Lauren's love this summer & every summer...The Jersey Shore!


9. Dara definitely hits the beaches of Fire Island in style with her funky beach throw from Hat Attack!


10. Lezli looked lovely touring the streets of Sicily in her favorite tees from Generation Love!


11. Lucy says no summer is complete without a pair of cutoff jean shorts from AG


12. Alyson sets the tone with a sweet summer playlist for her trip to San Fran!

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