Mens: Stick To A Neutral Palette

The biggest rule to remember when shopping is quality over quantity. Rather than having too many novelty items which you struggle to wear everyday, a few key basics are the foundation of your #wardrobe.

Stick with timeless pieces and opt for a long sleeve tee, a pair of khaki pants, or a leather belt. Don’t

forget that classic colors like beige, brown, and black will go with everything in your closet.

A great pair of pants are one of the most important pieces you can own. When buying them, the fit is the most important aspect you should pay attention to. Whether you’re trying on #jeans or khakis, make sure the material fits close to the leg but still allows for comfortable movement such as sitting and walking. You should typically only have one break in the pant, and avoid any pleats. Once you have this staple item,

getting dressed in the morning will become much easier.

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